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Pontia is a visual theatre piece that Vyte Garriga is developing at the moment. It’s a story of a woman who, by accidentally meeting a stranger in the park, starts an investigation that takes her through her own past, family trees and ancestry all the way to Pontius Pilate.

Vyte, together with associate artists, is working on a visual language of the piece trying to combine physical theatre, spoken word and the use of recorded media in order to convey the story.

To know more about Vyte Garriga please check her website



Subject of this project was the White Room, just a corner of a room, two white walls that needed to be used in some way.

What this project explores is how the human body react in front of the obstacles.

How it naturally adapt itself to an unconfortable condition where its movements are limited.

How do we limit somebody's movement?

By a dense network of wires.

The human body is then obliged to adapt itself at the new condition, dealing with unconfortable situations in order to still move itself, as movement means life.


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